Betamotion is music for a road trip from Madrid to Great Britain; music with a deep flavour of life. Betamotion is Pop with a classic taste; Rock with a strong faith in music well crafted. The trio has a somewhat wild power paired with the accuracy of a clockmaker; songs that you sing at a concert but when they come out of your home speakers you enjoy them alone, lost in a memory looking out the window.

Betamotion is Gerardo, Bass & Vocals. From McCartney to Lynott, the singers/bass players share a particular DNA, a talent to combine melody and rhythm into a harmonic whole; one of the secrets that make this trio sound surprisingly full, sometimes orchestral. We are talking about a voice with a boxer’s stroke, an artist’s emotion and a craftsman’s trade.

Betamotion is Gustavo, Guitar & Backing Vocals. A powerhouse of melodies, details and arrangements; a head that thinks music, that is music. What amazes from him is his capacity to put each sound in its place, coming into play softly. The backing vocals aren’t just an accompaniment; they work as arrangements that fill with life each song, with a presence that reminds 60’s Brit Pop.

Betamotion is Javi, Drums and Percussion.  Vigorous, festive, vibrant, technical, unable to invent a conventional pattern. Javi, overall, flows; he works a a sort of lubricant, oiling the engine, the heart of the music.

Betamotion is live show. Performances thought as a whole, music, live visuals, light effects. Immersing, intense and energetic; those concerts that run you over, taking you to a place where time doesn’t exist and that when they are over you don’t know what has happened but you want more; brilliant music aimed to turn into one of the soundtracks of your life.