These are the days


Step in and see how everything’s falling,
Breaking into pieces, tumbling on the ground
Feeling the hand that won’t let you stand up
It keeps you on your knees, no it wont let you breath
These are the days that you want to stay in bed,
Forget the world’s out there
And nothing really matters,
Things are gonna be…

OK, if I close my eyes and
Go to a better place
Where I feel the change,
Where nothing, nothing, nothing, is the same

Nothing makes sense when you are the last man
To find what’s going on, something must be wrong,
Open your eyes to find that you can’t see
You’re just walking in the dark, but everything will be…


Ok… If I close my eyes and
Go… to the hollow show where
We… are puppets in this play
Ok… I can feel the change and
Go… to a better place where
We… can escape and leave our lies…

Chorus x2