Here’s the tale of a girl named Sue
She had  all and still felt blue
Sue was just the girl for you
Somehow strange, somehow new
I met Sue back in school
Wild and young
Such a fool

She felt for a man named Lou
The kind of guy who never smiles
Lou gave her new eyes to see
A life for where she would pay a fee

Too much fun, no time to sleep
She believed she was free

Fast, fast, fast out of control
No way back she’s lost her soul
Down, down, down into the hole
Nothing to do, nowhere to go

Then one day Lou sailed the sea
He left Sue down on her knees
She found comfort in a glass
Where her memories would not last
Then one day she rode away
Left few words to explain


How could he dare to leave
Leave her standing by the cliff.
She forgot who she was,
Even though she wore the scars.
Well she couldn’t stand the pain,
‘Cause without Lou there was no Sue
And without Sue there was no Lou
But, you know? That’s just a different story