Take it while you can


You don’t wanna understand
That something’s gone, that something’s changed
That nothing’s quite the same,
You don’t wanna realize
That we’ve been so lost
You keep trying to pretend
That there’s a point in all this mess
Now take a rest, you’re just obsessed,
You keep trying to forget
That things went so wrong

So, hear me now, I’ll say it once
This is your chance, you better take it slow
Who, oh, oh,
You’ve been a fool to think you rule
You’re but one more who thinks “well ain’t I cool”,
Don’t give up now

Take it while you can
‘Cause life is but a glance
And all the time you’ve wasted won’t come back, oh no
Take my advice ‘cause tumbling dice won’t disguise this lies you stand on

You are willing to deny
You’re just too weak to admit
You’re nothing but a freak,
You keep trying to resist
From your broken bed
You are fearing the change
‘Cause things are strange and full of pain
It’s driving you insane,
You got stuck along the way
You do know that it’s a shame

Chorus x2